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In workshops, lectures, groups and retreats, Sandra Butler illuminates the issues that surface in the mothering of adult daughters, and the ongoing effects of the past on the present. These gatherings provide an opportunity to reflect upon the satisfactions and sorrows of the ongoing, but often invisible nature of mothering middle-aged daughters.

It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters brings the voices of aging mothers front and center. Older mothers and all those in relationship to them will develop a deepened sense of the range of strategies and choices women adopt to balance their own aging alongside that of their daughters in their continually evolving role of mother.


Groups of aging mothers are designed to explore the challenges and adaptations that have emerged over the lifespan of their relationships with their daughters–the prices that were paid, the gifts that were received and the changes both demanded.

Small intimate gatherings create a safe environment that invites the honest exchange of ideas, experience and information, allowing mothers to be informed and transformed by the experience of others. Participants will be able to identify the courage that comes with aging, how to respond to the invitation to acknowledge past mistakes, forgive themselves and their daughters, and move toward a greater acceptance of their connection to each other with wisdom, courage and insight.

Each group meets weekly for an 8-week series of 2 hour guided conversations.


Day-long and weekend retreats allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the unique subtleties of their relationship with their daughter(s), while being held in the shared experience of other aging mothers engaged in the same process. These gatherings provide a rare opportunity to engage in sustained and meaningful conversation with other mothers in an encouraging, challenging and healing exploration.


Butler is available to speak to your community or professional organization, school, congregation, book group or circle of friends.

Feminist theory recognizes race, class and gender as the primary organizing principles of power; age is rarely conceptualized as an additional master status that also provides advantages and disadvantages, benefits and detriments. Older mothers’ lives are a confluence of history, culture and the accumulation of the opportunities and constraints they may have faced earlier in life. Scholars and practitioners in the fields of aging, psychology and women’s studies will be challenged by this long overdue glimpse into the lives of older mothers that provides rich raw material for further study.


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