Conspiracy of SilenceConspiracy of Silence

In 1978 Sandra Butler’s pioneering book, Conspiracy of Silence, The Trauma of Incest, was published and became a cornerstone in the activist/feminist movement to end sexual assault.

Reviews and enthusiastic response led to a decade of national and international presentations and workshops for survivors of incest and trainings for psychotherapists and social workers. She worked with community activists and policy makers in both rural and urban communities and helped to develop systemic and effective interventions when women reported an experience of sexual abuse.

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Cancer in Two VoicesCancer in Two Voices

In the late 1980’s, Butler’s writing and activism refocused on women’s health after her partner, Barbara Rosenblum, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Together they wrote Cancer In Two Voices, published in 1988, the year of Barbara’s death. The book received the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Non-Fiction and continues to be a widely read resource for those who face life threatening illness and the partners who love them.

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