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In l971 I facilitated consciousness-raising groups under the auspices of the exhilarating newly formed Women’s Studies Collective. We were going to study women! We were a collective!

Since then, I’ve delighted in listening to and talking with women about our lives, the choices we’ve made, the consequences of those choices and how we’ve navigated them.

And now, as a woman in her 80’s, I want to continue those conversations. I’m eager to hear from other old women about the public and private realities of being old. The things we only say to one another. The Organ Recitals– from head to toe. The ongoing practice of mothering middle-aged daughters, even as both mother and daughter age. The partners and lovers who shaped us.  Our reflections on the ways in which second wave feminism challenged/ guided our lives and created a framework for our aging. How adding age to the dominant categories of race, class and gender shift our view of both the world and how we are seen in it.  And whatever other splendid directions our conversations may take.

I’m available to speak to your community or professional organization, school, congregation, book group or friendship circle (mine has been meeting for 33 years!) and with mothers, daughters, sisters, all lovers of women and our lives.

I can make myself available in many forms. I can facilitate weekly or monthly groups. I can organize retreats where we gather for two days to engage in sustained and meaningful guided conversation with other women. I can offer readings at your local bookstores. I can give public lectures to organizations who serve old women and our needs. And am open to your suggestions for other forms that might work for you and your community.

I look forward to hearing from you and to finding our way into conversation.

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