Sandra Butler

Coming this July:

Welcome to my website.

This site is a collection of what I’ve written over the years allowing a sense of who and where I’ve been and the concerns that have drawn my personal and political attention.

I’ve written three books with a fourth on its way. There have been years of teaching, organizing, activism and, of course, endless meetings. My new book, The Kitchen is Closed: and Other Benefits of Being Old, is a collection of personal essays about life in the slow lane and will be making its debut this July.


My Previous Books:

Book cover: It Never Ends - Mothering Middle-Aged Daughters, by Sandra Butler and Nan Fink Gefen

It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-aged Daughters

Being a mother is rarely easy. Being an aging mother with a middle-aged daughter presents its own complexities, challenges, and rewards.

This book explores this experience, opening the path to further conversation about the difficulties and richness of this time.


Cancer in Two Voices

“This landmark feminist perspective on breast cancer…is an indictment of the medical profession’s casual attitude to women’s illness, an also a touching chronicle of two women in their forties grappling intellectually and emotionally with premature death.”

Publishers Weekly (1988)


Conspiracy of Silence

In 1978, this book was published and became a cornerstone in the activist/feminist movement to end sexual assault.

“…The raw impact is enormous.”

Publishers Weekly (1979)